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 Mainly For Rj.

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Mainly For Rj. Empty
PostSubject: Mainly For Rj.   Mainly For Rj. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 9:02 am

Yo, rj I guess you remember me, You iped off your server for ''advertising''. You say i have to change MY server base, which i did. But then you changed yours. Then i ASKED you, do i still really have to change mine? Which you said, Yes. then ''fuck off for advertising''. Then POrno took a screenie of me saying ''****.no-ip.biz''. But, did he did scroll up and showed what he asked me. he said WHAT IS YOU SERVER IP, then i told him, which he removed. SO tbh, i don't understand why you iped me. I know i made a mistake saying the ip adress in the first place, An easy mistake. Unblock me from msn please, and we can carry on this discussion.


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Mainly For Rj.
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